Welcome to the Philaletheis Society!

The Philaletheis Society is Vassar College’s oldest and largest student theatre organization. We strive to be an all-inclusive group; all levels of experience and backgrounds are welcome! We produce a wide variety of events every semester. Our Directing Workshops showcase students who want to experiment with directing, and our full-length productions give everyone a chance to get involved, as a director, performer, or designer. Philaletheis is excited this year to focus on special events, bringing in speakers and workshops to provide more opportunities for Vassar students.

Important Dates for Spring 2016:

Full-Lengths: Applications for Full-Length shows are due 1/29 at 5pm and should be submitted to Talia Feldberg at tafeldberg@vassar.edu

Directing Workshops: Applications for Directing Workshops are due 1/29 at 5pm and should be submitted to Katherine Willard at kawillard@vassar.edu

Special Events: These applications are due on a rolling basis throughout the semester and should be submitted to Pat Dunning at jodunning@vassar.edu


All applications can be found in the Forms/Applications section of the website