Meet the Board!


Landry Levine, 2017

Landry is a senior Drama and Philosophy double major enjoying life far from his home state of Texas.  When not working on something dramatically dramatic, he can be found dancing (poorly) through life and pretending that the Retreat is the ABC Cafe.  He never thought he’d get to be in the room where it happens; but, well, here we are, and he couldn’t be happier to be working with this amazing board.  His interests aside from theater-making mostly revolve around Theory and heavy talk of The Discourse.

Shai Karp, 2018

Shai is a junior political science major with a sociology correlate originally from Denver, Colorado. He is going to be the treasurer in the 2016-17 year for Phil and he likes spreadsheets. He also assumed the title of “Philaletheis Election Coordinator” without asking anyone. He does stage management, production management, and dramaturgy sometimes. He also likes cheese, cardigans, public policy, labor politics, The West Wing, temperate weather, and hoarding books.


Miranda Cornell, 2019

Miranda is a sophomore Drama and Education double major who greatly enjoys the art of sending emails. When not in front of her computer, you can find her baking bread (baking anything, really), watching Chopped, and fretting. In terms of theater things, she directs, acts, and props designs (often all at once). She is an avid fan of parentheticals, and contrary to popular belief, cannot eat grapefruit.

12273766_971561462905794_9101012037003060225_oStudent Activities Liaison
Lydia Wood, 2017

Lydia is senior Religion Major/Anthro Correlate from Philadelphia. She likes museums, cacti, pasta, and critical museum theory. She has been stage and production managing both theater and other people’s lives since she was 7 and dictated how to put up a tent in her friend’s living room for a sleepover. She also hopes that this picture makes her look fun and approachable.

senior-pic-goodSpecial Events Coordinator

Alison Russell, 2020

Alison is a prospective Neuroscience major (who is maybe possibly considering a Drama double major) from Newburyport, Massachusetts. She is an avid lover of artisanal oatmeal and good vegetarian food. When not eating (a rarity), she is probably re-watching sitcoms on Netflix, looking at pictures of cute dogs on the internet, or napping. She has been acting since early elementary school and stage managing since sophomore year of high school and is ecstatic to be able to add Phil Board to her theater experience!


Properties Manager
Lindsay Matheos, 2019

Lindsay is a sophomore drama major who lives in a swamp next to a buffalo farm in New Hampshire. After being cast as “Girl” in the 7th grade musical “Tom Sawyer,” she decided to pursue technical theater and management. In addition to being on Phil board, she is on the Tech Conglomerate board and lives out her passion of sending nagging emails by working as the production management intern for the Drama Department. She enjoys stage managing, production managing, and occasionally futzing around with lighting.


Technical Director
Nic Penn, 2019

Nic is a sophomore double majoring in Drama and History, with a particular affinity for extremely wordy plays and political TV shows. Most of Nic’s time can be spent in the Retreat or bashing his head against a keyboard. Sometimes both.


dsc_0475Freshman Representative
Emily Hwu , 2020

Emily is (you guessed it) a freshman! She is wholly undecided about her major, but one thing’s for certain; she loves theater! She also loves her puppy (Maisy), chocolate-covered strawberries, and mindless sitcoms. While her true home will always be in Houston, she has found a new home with the wonderful people of Phil board.